Let's Play bersama Bawang Putih

Bawang Putih needs your help!

Meet Bawang Putih!
Hi! It's so amazing to have you here! I am the the kind-hearted Bawang Putih. I want to play with you, but I have some works to do. Would you help me first? Pack all your joy, we're going to have a fun working here!

Let's play with Bawang Putih is the perfect educational game for your kids! Let them interact with Bawang Putih which will build their creativity and curiosity.
- Help Bawang Putih to separate food from garbage
- Who'd love to spin some pumpkins and win some diamonds?
- Something's missing from the bookshelf. Can you help Bawang Putih to place the missing items?
- Help Bawang putih to catch some blouses floating in the river! Watch your step!
- Washing plates never been so colorful like this!

Play along with your child and have a joyful experience together in Let's Play with Bawang Putih!

Let's Play with Mousedeer most exciting features:
* great way to play by tilting the device
* Joyful background music, joyful experience
* open-ended play with no rules or stress
* kid-friendly interfaces
* easy and fun to play
* spectacular graphics that will be a sight for sore eyes

CERI is the utopia for your kids. We create the most interactive Indonesian folklore storybook for kids. We wanted to share the beauty and the positive values for children all around the world through our storybook and also our mini games.

Love CERI!
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